artsonthemove guest artist exhibits at Arts Hotel, Paddington. Paddington is in the heart of the Sydney arts world of cinema, bookshops, art galleries, café houses & fashionable pubs.

artsonthemove art workshops & residencies are available at Little Acres at Big Hill, 15kms from Marulan.

elizabeth was sponsored to walk the Kumano Kodo within an environmental and spiritual framework of Japan’s ancient culture (2012).

elizabeth is exploring Gross National Happiness (GNH) as pertains to the Bhutan culture, being sponsored & hosted by the Youth Development Foundation & the Royal Institute of Management of Bhutan (2013).

elizabeth teaches art skills to the artist community of Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre.

elizabeth is part of the collegiate works and activities of the Tree Veneration Society, major sponsor being Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville.